A One-Stop Instant Learning Management Solution

Create Learning Plans. Assign e-Learning and Classroom Learning. Manage Individual or Groups, Learning Plans and Records. Deliver Anywhere, Directly from the Cloud. It’s All Super Easy and Worry Free.

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Our Solution

Everything you need in One Place

  • 10 Minutes Setup and You Are Ready to Go1

    10 Minutes Setup and You Are Ready to Go

    It’s Really Easy. And Fast. You could be on your way to deliver your learning content to your Learners in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Ready Catalogue of e-Learning Content2

    Ready Catalogue of e-Learning Content

    Looking for e-Learning Content? Or simply want to complement your Learning Plans with more content? It’s Easy. Just pick and choose from our extensive catalogue.

  • Manage Both Classroom & Online Learning Plans & Records3

    Manage Both Classroom & Online Learning Plans & Records

    A single place that manages all your Learners Classroom, Online, and other Offline Learning Activities.

  • Own-Branded Cloud Based Portal4

    Own-Branded Cloud Based Portal

    Quickly create your own Cloud based Learning Portal in your own Colours and Branding.

We have made things simple, so you can focus of delivering all sorts of learning content to your learners, not spend time administrating the system.

Large Companies & Training Providers Requiring Custom Solutions

10 Learners, or 100,000 ? A scalable solution with all the Features of an Enterprise-Grade Learning Management System available at your fingertips.

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Custom Work-Flows & Approvals

Define your custom work-flows and approvals for learning requests. Set up work-groups that share the same learning needs, populate learning plans of everyone in the work-group, track their progress.

Rapid Content & Assessments Creation

Have an internal on-boarding program, or standard-procedure, you want to deploy? Rapidly create content using everyday content, documents, videos, slides, audio files, etc.

Individualized Training Needs & Learning Records

Push individual learning plans and content to everyone in a work-group, or just for one individual based on his-her developmental needs.

Reach Out to Your Audience, Manage Internal Campaigns

Push Notifications to targeted audiences based on user-groups and profiles.

Manage Training Facilities & Resources

You can now manage all your training facilities and resources as well. Rooms, equipment, bookings and utilizations, all at the touch of a button.

Versatile Reporting Tool

A single dashboard to give you reports of utilization, progress, scores, etc., based on enterprise wide, department, or any group of users you define based on profiles.

We have made things simple, so you can focus of delivering all sorts of learning content to your learners, not spend time administrating the system.

A Solution for Everyone

For the Multi-National, and Everyone Else

For Small Medium or Large Organizations

For Small Medium or Large Organizations

Not Ready to Commit to the headaches and heartaches of an Enterprise System? Login, Setup, and manage your organization’s learning. All it takes – 10 minutes.Read More
For Training Providers

For Training Providers

Running a Training Program for your team, or client? A Quick Start cloud based Learning Management System to deploy all forms of learning content, push collaterals to learners in single city, or spread out all over the world.Read More
For Project Based Deployments

For Project Based Deployments

Team Orientation. On-boarding. Project Teams. An Instant On solution to plan, track, deploy all types of learning to your team of 5, 50, 500, or 5000.Read More
  • Leadership Training Provider

    Leadership Training Provider ,

    I was running a Training Program for a Client. It was a 6 month Program, and we needed to track each learner’s progress besides sharing reading materials, podcasts, videos, run online group classes, and have learners submit assignments. And they didn’t have a Learning Management System
  • Project Manager

    Project Manager ,

    I was assigned a small project team, and I needed everyone to be up to speed on the things we have been working on
  • Compliance Officer

    Compliance Officer ,

    I was running a Compliance Project. It was a hassle to set up our Enterprise System and many of our partners’ staff cannot access our system. I  needed a cloud based system which is easy to setup and use, and accessible by anyone within and outside our organization
  • Enterprise HR Director

    Enterprise HR Director ,

    My organization is trying to find a better way to manage our employees learning all over the world. We are not ready to commit to an expensive and complex enterprise system implementation. I wanted to focus on employee development, not system deployment. I wanted a system we can setup and use in an instant, with a ready catalogue of common learning content, and individualized learning plans which we can add on with our own content easily

Quick Start. Cloud Based. A Instant Learning Management Solution Ready to Use

Quick Start! Really Simple, - 10 Minutes is all it takes to Setup & Run.

Tired of complex systems that take precious time to learn, and an eternity to implement? We have made ours so simple, so you can focus of delivering all sorts of learning content to your team, not spend time administrating the system.

Own Branded Cloud Based Learning Management Portal

Want to have your own look & feel for your team’s learning portal? Done! You can have your own cloud based learning management portal branded in your style & colours, even maintain your own unique url.

Deliver to Different Screen Sizes, Tablets, Smartphones, PCs

We understand your team may be on the move, so our system is ready to deliver content that are automatically formatted for different screen-sizes. That means they can consume the learning content regardless if they are sitting in front of a PC, using a tablet in a train, or at their smartphones sitting on the couch of their hotel-room or home.

Manages Both eLearning AND classroom learning

Look, we have been there. We understand you may require your team to learn stuff that may be classroom based, even on-the-job. Our system manages all sorts of learning from a single Learning Plan!

Hosts Content in Multi-Format

Have your own Content you want to include in your team’s learning plans? It’s as simple as uploading them onto your catalogue. Videos, Slides, Assessments, Documents, just a mouse-click to upload and stored Securely in your catalogue, ready to deliver.

A Ready Catalogue of eLearning Content

To make it Really Simple, we have included a huge library of e-Learning Content which you can subscribe to with a simple click of the mouse. Seriously, HUGE! [examples]

Smartphone App. Download & Run

A Smartphone App for hassle-free access from smart devices. Just Download, login, and have your personalised catalogue ready to use


One Stop Solution. Quick Setup. Easy to Use.

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Manages All Learning Needs. Deliver Any Content

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Worry Free. Cloud Based. Learn Anywhere.

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